A Beautiful Deployment, A Beautiful Library, But Also a Beautiful Concept
By Steve Hanulec / August 24, 2017 / Categories: #Ultrasort #News

Salt Lake County Library has deployed a 7-bin Tech Logic UltraSort sorting system in its West Jordan branch. It features all the components that make UltraSort the top choice for a positive patron experience with fast “Throw and Go” induction and no confusing interface — but there’s another feature that we know drives higher patron use of the sorter that doesn’t always get implemented: placing it behind glass so patrons can see it work. Tech Logic sorters operate so quietly (in the mid-50s decibel range) that they can — in theory — even be out in the open. When a library takes the step of allowing patrons to see a sorter actually doing the sorting, usage goes up. It’s not just fascinating for little kids; it has such grand scale precision that it’s impressive for anybody to watch it working. Tech Logic has evolved this design through librarian feedback over 20 years, making equipment that is fast, clever, and fun to watch.

This installation at Salt Lake County is extremely well-organized by library staff, too. They maintain a clean workspace and keep the Smart Bins charged for us so they’re always ready for use on the library floor.

Image: Jim Cooper, Director of the Salt Lake County Library System places materials on the belt of their Tech Logic-built 7-bin sorter. He can do this thanks to "Throw and Go" induction which benefits staff, as well as patrons!