With self-checkout, one size doesn’t fit all libraries. Choosing the right solution depends on your library’s patrons, staffing and spaces. Tech Logic’s CircIT™ software can be customized to fit the way you choose to implement self-checkout. Your choices pay off with higher adoption of self-checkout by customers — as high as 95% in some Tech Logic customer libraries!

Easy and convenient CircIT™ self-checkout software is at the heart of Tech Logic’s checkout solutions. Using either RFID tags or barcode scanning, each option is scalable and cost-effective for any size library.

If self-checkout is easy and fast, customers appreciate the added privacy and conven-ience of checking out wherever they may be in the library.

  • CircIT™ Combo Station — Our unique, patented self-checkout
  • solution placed at the circulation desk. Library staff behind the desk can quickly step up to assist patrons as needed — ensuring a problem-free experience for the patron.
  • CircIT™ Desktop — Placed at other service points (near self-service holds pick-up for example), our cost-effective, all-in-one PC and touch screen self-checkout solution delivers a seamless self-checkout experience.
  • CircIT™ Kiosk — Our fun and fast stand-alone kiosk designed for independent self-checkout in entries, children’s or teen areas or special collections. Choose an existing exterior wrap or custom-design your own to match your library’s décor.
  • CircIT™ Staff — Equip existing staff stations for either checkout/check-in functions or reading/writing RFID tags through your ILS.

Accept Credit, Debit Cards or Cash with Customized Payment Options

CircIT™ Personal Payment System options deliver on-the-spot payment of fines and fees without staff intervention or waiting in lines. Use of self-checkout increases as cus-tomers can resolve issues themselves with payment cards or cash. Complies with Pay-ment Card Industry (PCI) standards to safeguard confidential patron information.

Customized displays

Display your library’s own brand and promotions

CircIT™ software interface can be customized with the library’s own branding and mes-saging—or with screens designed for each step in the self-checkout process. Use word-ing and visual cues familiar to your customers and more likely to ensure success with self-checkout.