Tag your collection over time, branch by branch, all at once or let us do the conversion for you. With any of these options, your library can begin to experience the benefits of RFID as soon as possible.

uTagIT RFID Tag Read/Write Software

Start to tag new and returning materials immediately—or have book jobbers tag materials before they are shipped. Save even more processing time with pre-encoded tags for new materials where the barcode is already written to the tag during manufacture.

Portable RFID Tagging Station

With Tech Logic’s custom portable tagging station, library staff can tag areas of the library during either open or closed hours in the stacks or behind the scenes. Depending on the type of materials, a two-person team can tag around 200-400 items per hour.

RFID Tagging Conversion Services

Tagging doesn’t have to consume staff time and months of effort. Trust Tech Logic’s

proven experience to convert your existing collection, large or small, to RFID correctly and effortlessly. Your staff can focus on what matters most — your patrons.

Contact your Tech Logic Solutions Specialist to discuss the best RFID conversion strategy for your library system.

RFID Tags — The Foundation to Your Library’s Success

Each small adhesive RFID tag (ISO 15693) houses a chip and a transmitter that can be coded for item identification, a security function that can be enabled or disabled, and a re-writable section for library-specific information. The tags can be affixed directly and discreetly to items, and are the basis for the speed and convenience library patrons and staff experience when using Tech Logic’s products and services. Tech Logic uses the industry standard ISO 28560 data model, so you can be assured of complete interoperability with other libraries using ISO standard RFID solutions.