Automated Material Handling


UltraSort is a patented book and media sorting and automated materials handling (AMH) system for libraries of all sizes. The modular design allows for highly customized configu-rations to to fit existing spaces and manage any volume of returns.

The UltraSort can be optioned for:

  • RFID detection
  • Barcode scanning
  • Electromagnetic sensitizing
  • Hold Slip “Print & Apply”
  • Any combination of these options, including on-the-fly RFID tag writing

More Difference Makers:

  • Our patented De-Shingler process automatically un-stacks items upon return.
  • Our Loader/Unloader system is ergonomically designed, reducing human injury.
  • As the first and oldest in the market, we have proven, time-tested products that often replace competitors’ products as they wear out!
  • Our clean-running, low-maintenance systems never destroy your materials.

Throw & Go Hands-Free Book Drop

Throw & Go means no delays or fumbling with a screen interface for the patron. The hands-free book drop handles multiple items to free up patrons from checking in items one at a time. Speeding up the returns process dramatically improves the patron’s experience — and helps get returned materials back into circulation as quickly as possible.

Item limits? Material type limits?

If your library limits the number or type of materials checked out to each patron, the Tech Logic AMH checks in materials immediately and clears the patron’s record. Your patrons will love the speed, convenience and 24/7 availability.

Convenience and 24/7 Check-in for Patrons

Patrons love the convenience of drive-up or walk-up hands-free book drops designed for speed and accuracy. No screen interface to navigate or slow them down. The UltraSort simply does the job of 1) checking in; 2) re-arming security; and 3) sorting into bins quickly and efficiently. And drive-up drops work nights, weekends and holidays!