Sarasota Public Library

About the Library System

Sarasota County, Florida
Sarabeth Kaljian, Director
Annual Circulation: 3,000,000
ILS: III/Sierra Services

Tech Logic Solutions Installed:

  • System-wide 90 seats of selfCIRC
  • Sarasota-Elsie Quirk - 5-bin totalAMH
  • Sarasota-Fruitville - 11-bin totalAMH w/ interior & exterior bookdrop
  • Sarasota-Gulf Gate - 11-bin totalAMH w/ interior & exterior bookdrop
  • Sarasota-North Port - 7-bin totalAMH w/ exterior bookdrop
  • Sarasota-Selby - 11-bin totalAMH w/ interior & exterior bookdrop

Sarasota Public Library

Efficiency, ease of use and excellent patron service motivated Sarasota County Public Libraries to install an RFID system from another company — and it didn’t work. Tech Logic created a custom solution to quickly adapt the old equipment with new, efficient systems that offer long-term value.

Sarasota, Florida is home to a stunning nine-library system. Library staff at these high-volume branches strive to meet and exceed the high-quality service expectations of this affluent community. The system is continuously renovating its existing facilities, while adding new buildings and branches.

Sarasota County Public Libraries has always had a desire for efficiency, ease of use and excellent patron service, so they had purchased an RFID system from another company — VTLS — who installed self-checkout systems and RFID security in the ex-isting branches. Suddenly, VTLS closed their RFID business. Sarasota began to evalu-ate new vendors, and after a rigorous RFP process, chose to work with Tech Logic based on three things: expected long-term value proposition, quick adaptation for staff and patrons, requiring little ramp-up time, and because they wanted to partner with a company who specialized in working with libraries.

Tech Logic engineers tackled Sarasota’s legacy site, and created a custom solution to convert their existing technology using our patented CircIT® self-checkout software. At the same time, Tech Logic evaluated options for AMH systems, designing solutions that include the UltraSort, Self-Checkout, and Throw & Go technology.

Sarasota county library system R.O.I. at-a-glance

  • Long-term value
  • Integration to existing equipment
  • Quick adaptation for staff and patrons
  • Low patron/staff effort expectations
  • Specialization in working with libraries


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