Reinvent your approach to shelf management with Tech Logic's live, dynamic ILS connected device.
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Printed Lists are So Passé

Most of the items in your collection will spend a majority of their life-cycle resting on within your stacks. Using the rfidTAG within your items, circTRAK can deliver real-time item status updates to help your staff quickly locate Lost, Trace, Missing, Claim Returned, or any other exception status items in one single pass.

Dynamic ILS Search

Quickly and easily find any item in any ILS status besides "Available."
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Simple & User Friendly

Volunteers and staff can begin using circTRAK within a matter of minutes.
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Offline Mode

No WiFi connection? circTRAK can locate items from an uploaded list or manual entry.
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A Little Extra Juice

With a built-in signal boost, the circTRAK can effectively scan your AV collection without issue.
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Hand Held Wand + A Little Magic

Manually searching for status items is an exhausting, time consuming, and expensive process for Libraries. The circTRAK Shelf Manager is able to scan shelves and collections in a fraction of the time it takes a staff member or library page.
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circTRAK Receives Another Modern Library Award in 2020

January 27, 2020
The industry's best shelf-management device receives Modern Library accolade for second time.
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