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Tech Logic is committed to helping our partner libraries plan for re-opening to the public following the COVID-19 closures. We know you have many safety and health concerns to consider for your staff and patrons and would like to assist in reducing some of those concerns. We are offering two ways to use your familiar Tech Logic solutions in different ways:

Modify set-up of your Tech Logic AMH for quarantine of returned materials
Configure CircIT self-checkout for touchless checkout of library materials.

totalAMH Quarantine Mode

All Tech Logic sorting systems can be configured to support a touchless return in order to quarantine returned library materials. Your Tech Logic AMH is already touchless for patrons to return their library materials by simply placing them in a “Throw & Go” returns slot—there is no touchscreen interface for patrons to navigate. Once the materials are placed in the returns slot, your library can configure the AMH to support quarantine of returns using the AMH “Weekend” mode. Check-in can also be disabled on the AMH, if desired, to avoid filling patron holds. Instead of sorting checked-in materials for re-shelving or transit, the AMH can send materials to fill one bin or tote after another. As a bin or tote is filled, it can then be removed and quarantined for a library-defined period of time.

Note that each ILS is different in terms of how a quarantine status is supported. If the ILS will allow patron holds notification or pick-up to be delayed, materials can be checked in by the AMH. If immediate check-in results in holds being filled and patrons notified, it’s best to disable check-in on the AMH during quarantine. Once materials have passed their quarantine period, they can be checked in by the AMH in its normal mode or by library staff. Talk with Tech Logic Customer Care if you need assistance to configure “Weekend” mode on your Tech Logic AMH.


Tech Logic also offers a temporary CircIT self-checkout touchless workflow configuration to reduce or eliminate touchscreen input. Both barcode and RFID self-checkout can be touchless. Your library will decide to what degree the CircIT self-checkout workflow will be modified to support a reduced or touchless experience.  

Your library must be running CircIT Version or at least CircIT Version  Version supports screen timeouts to eliminate touches to move from screen to screen. CircIT versions to can be adapted by Tech Logic with a single software modification to support the screen timeouts for a touchless workflow. CircIT version earlier than will require a scheduled software upgrade to support touchless workflow.

To enable a totally touchless self-checkout workflow, libraries will also need to agree to several temporary workflow modifications such as a default receipt setting and disabling PIN entry and payment. To review the screens supported for touchless self-checkout workflow and the required modifications, fill out the form below or contact Tech Logic Customer Care.

Tech Logic is committed to supporting our partner libraries as they re-open to the public with new health and safety procedures.

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