COVID-19 Statement

Updated April 6, 2020

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Following the recommendation put forward by the American Library Association, and in accordance with numerous Local, State, and Federal recommendations, many libraries are temporarily closing their doors during the current COVID-19 Pandemic.  

Often during times of crisis, libraries emerge as a beacon of safety and comfort for their communities – so we empathize with Library Leaders, Trustees, and Board Members who have been forced to make these difficult decisions.  

In an effort to keep our Partner Libraries informed and up-to-date, Tech Logic will continue to update this page with the latest information and available resources.


Sales Team and On-site Support/Installation
As of March 16th, Tech Logic has instructed all Solution Specialists Team (Sales), On-site Support and Installation Technicians, and other Remote Team Members to follow any State or Local “Stay In Place” orders.  Please contact a Solution Specialist if you have any questions about Tech Logic products or service.      

Operations Team and Customer Care Team
As of March 27th, Tech Logic has instructed all Operations and Customer Care Team Members to follow Minnesota’s Emergency Executive Order 20-20 and to conduct all Tech Logic related business from their home or place of residence.  Please contact Customer Care if you have any questions/concerns/issues about your Tech Logic Solutions.  Please contact the Operations Team if you have any other questions.    

Manufacturing Team
Tech Logic’s NAICS classification allows for the Manufacturing Team to remain operational during this time.  The health, safety, and well-being of our employees are always a top-priority.  Tech Logic is monitoring the health of its Manufacturing Team on a daily basis, is strictly enforcing CDC recommended health and safety guidelines for the workplace.  Any employee showing signs of symptoms are instantly instructed to self-quarantine for a minimum of 14-days (per CDC recommendations).  Please contact the Operations Team if you have any questions.


Customer Care
Our Partner Libraries will continue to have access to our Customer Care service and support.  Partner Libraries are encouraged to submit a ticket through our Customer Portal, or contact Customer Care if any issues arise during this time.    

On-Site Support and Installation
Tech Logic has instructed all On-site Support and Installation Technicians to follow any State or Local “Stay In Place” orders.  If an On-site Support Technician is required, or if a Partner Library is scheduled to have new equipment installed, Tech Logic will engage with that Library and local Government officials to complete the work as quickly as possible.  The health and safety of our staff, our Partner Libraries, and their community members are our top priority.  

Online Education
Tech Logic has launched an online Education Portal to allow Partner Libraries and Prospective Partners to engage with staff and learn about Tech Logic products and services.  Webinars, covering a wide variety of topics, will begin being held regularly in early April.  We are working to update and make available a large portion of our Best Practices document library, and uploading training videos on a number of our products and solutions.


Despite temporary closures of manufacturing businesses world-wide, Tech Logic has seen supply chain impacts in a only a few areas.  Listed below is the most up-to-date list of supply chains for our Partner Libraries to be aware of:  

rfidTAG – We are current experiencing a delivery delay of our rfidTAG products.

Currently, the largest factor impacting order delivery is Tech Logic’s installation calendar.  By honoring State and Local “Stay In Place” orders, Tech Logic has worked with a number of Libraries to adjust previously scheduled installation dates.  Luckily, a large number of Tech Logic products — including many of our selfCIRC, staffCIRC, and circTRAK Solutions — can be remotely installed by a Tech Logic Team Member.

The information listed above is the most up-to-date information available to Tech Logic. All statements and dates are subject to change.