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Enter for your chance to WIN a circTRAK Shelf Manager, a JellyBox 3D Printer, or an RDA conversion of your data by RDAExpress!
will be raffling off these great prizes this year at
PLA Nashville.
Participate in a 5-minute demonstration at
Booth 401 or Booth 933 for a free raffle entry.
JellyBOX takes 3D printing to the next education level by having the user build the actual printer! There is no better way to learn 3D printing in-depth than to build your own machine! The JellyBOX creators wanted more education value in their printer and also wanted to satisfy their high demands for ease of build, use, and print quality. It’s great for parents with kids, teachers, students, teenager, boys and girls.
The new RDA cataloging standard offers libraries an unprecedented wealth of configurable data, but converting existing MARC records is unwieldy and time consuming. If a library has 50,000 titles, and if it takes five minutes for a cataloger to convert one MARC record to RDA, the entire conversion process will take more than 4,160 hours. That’s two full years of 40-hour workweeks!

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