Does your holds pickup locker integrate directly with your ILS? It should!
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Working in conjunction with ILS circulation rules and staff configurations, selfCIRC LOCKER provides patrons with 24/7 access to holds pickup and item return.

What makes selfCIRC LOCKER different? Our locker system works with the ILS from start to finish. Direct ILS integration means patrons and staff have one workflow for reserving holds. The remote locker is just one more holds pickup location in the catalog for patrons—and the locker space is automatically reserved as soon as patrons select the locker as their pickup location. Items don't check out until they're checked out by the patron.

We'd love to talk with you about the other unique ways in which our selfCIRC LOCKER system works with your ILS to fulfill holds across your community.

ILS Connected

selfCIRC LOCKER’s configuration and reporting tools work in tandem with the ILS. The locker is just another holds pickup location that patrons can select.

Inside & Outside

Powder-coated steel, IP67 touchscreen, and optional exterior awning protect the patron’s experience.

Web-Based Control

Manage selfCIRC LOCKERS from any PC or tablet with ac-cess (or remote access) to the library network.

Build Each Locker to Fit Your Needs

Step 1: Choose Your Control Console (CC-1 or CC-2)

Every selfCIRC LOCKER kiosk requires one CC-1 or CC-2 control console.
Each CC-1 or CC-2 control console can support up to 144 locker reservation spaces. CC-1 and CC-2 consoles include the following:

  • A-size and B-size lockers with tamper-proof doors
  • Touchscreen (PCAP, waterproof, outdoor-approved; see specs for more details)
  • Windows IoT Enterprise LTSC
  • 2-D barcode imager; reads print or digital (e.g. cell phones)
  • Security camera; if the library decides to enable the camera, it will log an image of each locker interaction
  • Return bin (CC-2 only)
(Seven Lockers)
(Three Lockers
+ Returns Bin)

Step 2: Add Locker-Only Consoles as Needed (LO-1 and LO-2)

Tech Logic can install additional LO-1 and LO-2 consoles onto the library’s selfCIRC LOCKER kiosks at any time, to fit the library’s evolving needs and strategies.

LO-1 and LO-2 consoles include the following:

  • A-size and B-size lockers with tamper-proof doors
  • C-size lockers with tamper-proof doors (LO-2 only)

(Ten Lockers)
(Eight Lockers)

Storage Space:

Height 4.875”
Width 16”
Depth 24.5”

Storage Space:

Height 10.5”
Width 16”
Depth 24.5”

Storage Space:

Height 14.63”
Width 16”
Depth 24.5”

(Seven Lockers)
(Three Lockers
+ Returns Bin)

(Ten Lockers)
(Eight Lockers)

Deploy Your Lockers Indoors or Outdoors

Made of powder-coated steel and equipped with IP65/NEMA6P touchscreens, selfCIRC LOCKERS are ready to serve where your community needs them. selfCIRC LOCKER systems can include an exterior awning with motion-activated LED lights. This setup helps patrons stay safe and comfortable.

The lockers should always be placed out of direct precipitation.

Personalize Your Lockers

The Sky’s The Limit

Holds pickup lockers are great platforms to showcase your library’s personality, build engagement throughout your community, and raise awareness for your services.

A selection of various standard paint colors are already included with our lockers. Or, we can apply custom colors or vinyl wrapping according to your custom design (quoted). Let’s make your selfCIRC LOCKER systems a source of inspiration for your community!

selfCIRC LOCKER Specifications

Screen Size: Diagonal 15.6” (16:9)
Projective Capacitive (PCAP)
Operating Temperature Range: -22°F ~ 185°F (-30°C ~ 85°C)
Optical Bonding
Anti-Reflective and Anti-Fingerprint
Long-Life LED backlight
FCC, CE, ROHS Compliant; ETS Certified
Supported Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Library-supplied 120v AC line must be protected by a circuit breaker suitable for branch circuit protection, and rated for the service provided with a maximum rating of 15 Amps.Standard power cord: 15 ft NEMA 5-15 to IEC C13 cable.
RJ-45 Ethernet (CAT5E) for network connection
Dimensions (per console)
H: 78.5” per console W: 18.0” per console D: 26.5” per console
Various locker layout and size configurations are available.
System is modular for potential future expansion.
Available in various standard colors. Custom colors or vinyl wrappingare also available at an extra cost.
Environmental Requirements
Lockers are approved for indoor or outdoor use. Weather resistant. Avoid direct exposure to precipitation.
Web-Based Management
Powered by Tech Logic’s baseCAMP central management portal.
Hardware Construction
Powder-coated steel
ETL certified
Additional Hardware
Flexible console configurations
Returns bin
Ninety-degree (90o) corner
Exterior awning

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