Tech Logic is committed to supporting its staff members, our Partner Libraries, and their patrons during this time.



Superior item security
at an extra-wide distance.

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Superior item security
at an extra-wide distance.

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We build technology that adapts to people
rather than asking people to adapt to technology.
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New Year, New RFID Tag Supplier

Join the Tech Logic Family, and save up to 20% off your current RFID vendor pricing.
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Computers in Libraries

Come see us at CIL Booth 317 in Arlington, VA, March 31-April 2
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Say Goodbye to Printed Pull Lists

Put the power of shelf management in the palm of your hands with circTRAK.
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Simple. Efficient. Technology.

Patron Self-Service

Empower your patrons and free-up staff labor with our selfCIRC Solutions.
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Automated Materials Handling

Designed to operate with little-to-no staff, totalAMH is so much more than a sorter.
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RFID Tags & Overlays

True workflow efficiencies start with the best performing RFID tags in the industry.
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Staff Circulation Tools

Better technology frees your staff to focus on patrons, not on repetitive daily tasks.
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Security Gates

Keep your materials safe and available for all to enjoy with Tech Logic rfidGATE.
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Software Solutions

On a tighter budget? Consider a flexible, cost-effective software-only solution.
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Online Book Resale

Your used and donated materials are still valuable — get the most out of them!
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Customer Care

Our American-based team of experts are ready to assist you 24/7.
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partner libraries

Tech Logic in Action

No one can explain the benefit of Tech Logic solutions better than our biggest fans - our Partner Libraries. We focus on personalized solutions, using cutting-edge technology designed specifically for libraries. This custom approach allows us to design unique solutions that work well, last for years, and make Library staff and patrons happier.

Salt Lake County Libraries

Multi-branch libraries have special challenges. Tech Logic products were designed to streamline self-checkout, reduce staff repetitive motions, and streamline shelf management at Salt Lake County Libraries.

Sarasota Public Library

With the goals of greater efficiency and improved patron service, Sarasota County Public Libraries installed an RFID system from another company — and it didn’t work. Tech Logic created a custom solution to quickly adapt the old equipment with new, efficient systems that offer long-term value.
Toronto Public Library

Beautifully Designed

Aesthetics and functionality are the driving factors behind every piece of technology we manufacture.

Technology Built to Last

Longevity and quality go hand-in-hand. A number of our totalAMH Systems have been operating for more than a decade.

Experts on Staff

With more than 175 years of combined Librarianship and library industry experience, we understand the needs of our Partners.

Partners In Development

Innovation doesn't exist without collaboration. Co-development is what's driven our growth for a quarter century.
Solutions Catalog

Not a Librarian? Not a Problem.

With more than 20 years of experience partnering with designers, architects, building project managers, and industry experts, Tech Logic understands better than anyone else the challenges surrounding your new building, renovation or remodeling projects.


The true artistry of our Engineering team is their ability to  adapt our technology to accentuate your Library design.
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Our Principal Librarian & Strategist will bring invaluable automation and library workflow expertise to your projects.
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Project Management

From small RFID tagging projects to large central sorting systems, we're the experienced Library Partner you need.
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Libraries are not an afterthought...

Innovation is not an afterthought.

It means that we build technology that adapts to people rather than asking people to adapt to technology.

Careers at Tech Logic

The driving force behind every single Tech Logic Team Member is our dedication and passion to Libraries. If you are interested in joining our team, please inquire below.
Mechanical/Electrical Assembler
Tech Logic Headquarters | Oakdale, Minnesota 55128
Assemble components, parts, and pieces for totalAMH Systems.

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Ridgedale Public Library
partner libraries

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