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New Year, New RFID Tag Supplier

Join the Tech Logic Family and save up to 20% off your current RFID vendor pricing.
On January 23rd, Tech Logic celebrated the 47th anniversary of Mario W. Cardullo receiving the first U.S. patent for a rewritable, active RFID tag. With a near half-decade for the technology to mature, the cost of RFID tags and overlays are the lowest they have ever been — but many vendors will not drop the price as low as they could!

Tech Logic wants to prove to you that we offer the lowest priced tags in the Library Industry. Now through March, supply us a copy of a 2019 purchase order for RFID tags from one of our competitors and we will not only match the price, we'll beat it by up to 20%.

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The Right rfidTAG for All Your Items

Whether its big or small, square or oblong, made of paper or made of metal—Tech Logic has the perfect rfidTAG Solution.


Reliable performance from this square, 2"x 2" tag for books and book-like materials including multi-disk sets.
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With a slightly larger antenna than the BOOKLITE, the Rectangular RACETRACK is our default tag for books and book-like materials including multi-disk sets.
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Co-developed with the Salt Lake County Library, the X-RANGE AV tag offers superior performance over alternative AV overlay tags.
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rfidTAG Tablet (Tag on Metal)

Protect your larger metallic items such as laptops and e-readers with our rfidTAG TOM Tags.
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For larger tagging projects, our rfidTAG CASE is designed to travel into the stacks with your tagging teams. Battery-powered so you are not tethered to a desk, a conversion team of two can tag up to 1,000 items per hour.
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Limited on staff for your RFID Conversion? Let Tech Logic's rfidTAG TEAM manage the project. From planning through quality control and project completion, we will oversee and manage every aspect of your RFID Conversion process.
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