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Our most flexible and cost effective solution, the selfCIRC PRO's components can be easily con-figured to meet your Library's needs.

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The next evolution in patron self-service is here. Completely redesigned, seflCIRC PRIME delivers the most customizable and flexible kiosk option available.

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With its playful, child-friendly design, selfCIRC KIDS offers a fun way for children and young adults to checkout their books and materials.

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Staff can monitor patron progress with our patented design to insure a problem-free experience.

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totalAMH System

Simple, touchless, multi-item returns since 1998.

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Success with selfCIRC

What does it mean to have a successful patron self-service solution? For Tech Logic, it is less about the number of deployed pieces of technology and more about whether your patrons embrace it. Taking advantage of Tech Logic's consulting about patron self-service, many of our Partner Libraries have reported back self-checkout adoption rates of 98% or better.
Johnson County Library

Location, Location, Location

The luxury of patron self-service is that it doesn't need to be tethered to a single location. By strategically deploying selfCIRC solutions throughout your Library, you can engage with your patrons at a deeper level with a higher quality of service.

Information Desk

As a centralized focal point in many branches, your Information Desk is the perfect position for a selfCIRC COMBO.

Reading Rooms

Create a casual and welcoming environment by placing self-service solutions in the areas your patrons relax in.

Teen Space

Many libraries offer self-service solutions in their Children's area. Consider selfCIRC for other age-specific areas of your Library.
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