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Team Member Spotlight: Mike Heitzman

April 7, 2022

After working on the Tech Logic team from 2010 to 2013, Mike Heitzman joined back with Tech Logic in April 2022 as our Senior Solution Specialist for North America’s Pacific region. Mike brings a wealth of experience and insight to the Tech Logic team, having worked directly with libraries and publishing companies around the world since 2001. Drawing from this experience, Mike is eager to help library leaders empower their communities through technology.

To help us get to know Mike, we asked him a few questions.

Mike, could you tell us about your background in the library and publishing industries and how this equips you to partner with libraries on the West Coast?

Mike: I’ve worked for several different publishers over the years and have been fortunate enough to help with projects like, for example, a full history of Porsche—complete with a tour of their Stuttgart headquarters; and an inaugural book on Target Field, including a sale of 10,000 copies to the Minnesota Twins. As the leader of the subsidiary rights team at Capstone Publishers, I had the privilege of auctioning translation rights to a Caldecott-winning children’s title. 

I think knowledge of and experience in publishing helps me speak the same language as my library colleagues. When it comes to all kinds of considerations—from binding types, to publication dates, to intellectual copyright, to ISBNs, to safe online access—I’m familiar with the library/publishing synergy. I am looking forward to reconnecting with libraries that I worked with in western North America from my early days at Tech Logic, as well as forming new relationships. Ultimately, my goal is to determine how I can help libraries with the best solutions for their individual needs.

Could you tell us about how you hope to empower libraries on the West Coast through Tech Logic’s solutions?

Mike: There are so many exciting updates to Tech Logic’s solutions, and I really want to get the word out. I am eager to facilitate connections between existing Tech Logic customers and libraries who are looking for a new solution, so that existing customers can share about the workflows that do and do not work for them.

We also have an amazing resource in Gretchen Freeman, our Principal Librarian/Strategist. Gretchen’s ideas on workflow and efficiency in the library are borne from decades of accomplishment and experience in the library industry. I’m excited to be working with her again.

How would you summarize your view on the unique ways in which libraries empower their communities? How do you expect this to expand and/or adjust in the coming years?

Mike: I think the key word to describe how libraries empower communities is access. Access—without charge—to information, to the internet, and to community programming, to name a few examples.

I believe the COVID shutdowns really put the spotlight on what the library means to a community. Libraries have had to implement new ideas to serve their patrons in a time of limited access. I think, beyond self-checkout and automated book drops/returns, libraries are also looking for solutions that support item pickup outside of normal operating hours for both convenience and safety.

Would you care to share any fun facts about yourself, inside or outside of work?

Mike: I once made a full presentation in a suit and stocking feet to a State Library in Malaysia. Local custom dictated the removal of my shoes. Luckily, I didn’t have holes in my socks that day.

My wife and I have two sons—15 and 12. We enjoy Nordic skiing, paddle boarding, and tennis. My favorite travel destination is Sydney, Australia. I am enamored with the people, the lifestyle, and the beauty of that incredible city.

If you have any additional questions for Mike or you would like to connect, please feel free to reach out via email ( or via LinkedIn.

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