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Webinar: RFID for School and Public Libraries

January 25, 2024

While thousands of public libraries have implemented RFID for efficiencies in circulation workflow, school libraries have been slower to adopt it due to conversion costs. However, Rochester City (NY) School District developed a successful case for moving to RFID based first and foremost on more efficient inventories and fewer repetitive motion injuries.

In the past, gathering barcode numbers for inventory took Rochester’s staff a full week for each school library because they had to pull and scan each item barcode manually. Now, with RFID and staffCIRC TRAK, inventory scanning is done in a few hours and updates their LS2 inventory module in real time (thanks to a special integration between sister companies Tech Logic and TLC).

Another TLC customer, The Community Library in Ketchum, Idaho, is a public library with powerful insights into the many ways that RFID revolutionizes shelf management. The Community Library is constantly refining their workflow and exploring new functions of the RFID wand, resulting in powerful benefits for staff and patrons.

In this webinar, you'll join Tech Logic's Principal Librarian/Strategist, Gretchen Freeman, and panelists from Rochester City School District (NY) and The Community Library (ID) as they discuss why RFID is worth the cost of conversion for both school libraries and public libraries. Check it out!

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