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Tech Logic’s totalAMH solutions are custom-built automated materials handling (AMH) systems that transform the library circulation workflow for staff and patrons.

Tech Logic’s totalAMH designs have been constantly tested, refined, and proven in the library industry since 1997. With the deployment of your own customized totalAMH system, you should expect benefits like the following:

Empower Your People

The totalAMH system’s multi-item stack processing reduces induction time and repetitive motion involved with circulation by 50-70% (as compared to a manual one-at-a-time induction workflow).

Stay Flexible

With the totalAMH system, staff can easily create various sorting strategies and switch between them on the fly to address various library goals and scenarios.

Automate for the Long Term

Tech Logic’s totalAMH systems are built to last, and our service team is dedicated to protecting your investment. Some of our very first customers still have their original totalAMH systems, having sorted millions of items.

Industrial PC

All of our new totalAMH sys­tems are built with an embedded industrial PC (front-panel rating of IP65) running Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC for optimal long-term stability. We think Microsoft’s Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) is the perfect choice for a specialized AMH PC.

Patron Induction

Patrons can simply place handfuls of items into the totalAMH return and then walk away. With the totalAMH taking care of item separation and check-in, a patron can easily induct 30 items in a total of 6–10 motions in roughly 30 seconds.

Staff Induction

Staff can simply place handfuls of items onto the totalAMH staff induction conveyance and then let the system do the rest. With the totalAMH taking care of item separation and check-in, staff can easily induct 30 items in a total of 6–10 motions in roughly 30 seconds.

Stack Separation

Unlike competitors, Tech Logic’s patented separation design has been proven and refined in hundreds of libraries over the last 25 years. After induction, the totalAMH system gently and automatically separates stacks into individual items for processing.

Item Processing

Immediately after item stack separation, the totalAMH system reads each item via RFID or barcode technology.

If some or all library items only use barcodes, the system can detect each item's barcode from above or below the conveyance, no matter the item's orientation, using machine vision technology

After item detection, the system identifies, processes, and sorts each item based on ILS rules (via SIP2 connection) and the library’s sorting strategy.

Hold Slip Printing

The totalAMH system can sort holds into a designated bin and simultaneously print a hold slip nearby, allowing staff to easily match the most recently printed hold slips with the most recently sorted hold items at the top of the bin.

Exceptions Container

Rather than forcing patrons or staff to interrupt item induction in order to deal with rejected items (e.g. damaged or missing barcode or RFID tag) our totalAMH system accepts these items and sorts them into a designated exceptions bin for investigation at staff’s convenience.

Flexible Sorting Containers

Our totalAMH systems work with a variety of containers—whether or not the containers are purchased through Tech Logic. Depending on the scenario, the library may want to use totes, bins, or a mixture of the two. Tech Logic’s easyBINS, totes, and tote carts serve as reliable and ergonomic tools to complement the totalAMH workflow.

Customized Conveyance

Tech Logic’s custom conveyance systems—designed specifically for library items—have set the standard in the library industry. Our patented and proven systems gently transport library items around corners, under floors or streets, to or from separate building levels, overhead via ceiling conveyance, and more.

Automated Containers

Tech Logic’s smartBIN is designed for workflows that involve frequent transit. For ergonomic and efficient transport, smartBINS use polyurethane wheels and photo sensors that cause the bin floor to automatically adjust when items are added or removed.

Automatic Item Induction

Our totalAMH UNLOADER system is ideal for high-volume operations, because it gently and automatically unloads full smartBINS onto the totalAMH system without a staff member having to touch any items.

Fire Suppression

Some of our libraries opt to deploy our totalAMH FIRE SUPPRESSION system to address fire codes in their area.

If the fire suppression system detects fire conditions at the induction conveyance, the system will close a containment door, stop the conveyor, and introduce a dry-chemical fire suppressant into this segregated section of the system. This contains the incident and, ideally, keeps the room’s sprinkler system from activating.


Tech Logic's batchTRANSIT system can log a group of sorted items under one container’s barcode so that, when that container travels from one destination to another, the container (and the items) are tracked in a database and staff have the option to process all of the items simultaneously with a single scan.

Also, with all of these items tracked within the batchTRANSIT database, staff can easily search for specific containers or items and can also obtain item transit statistics—all from a web-based application.

totalAMH  Installations
5-bin totalAMH Sorting SystemCustom conveyance at a drive-up book drop / holds-pickup window.Tech Logic's patented item separation technology.Custom vertical conveyance spans an employee workroom while connecting three separate book drops.A unique single-sided sorting solution with custom conveyance along the ceiling.

Because Tech Logic only works with libraries, we have the dedicated bandwidth to truly consult with libraries and their partners.

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