Over 20 years ago, Tech Logic introduced the first ever AMH System to Libraries. Today, we are redefining the expectations of what a totalAMH can do.

We don't just do Throw & Go...
We invented it.

The most tested, most efficient multi-item separator is Tech Logic's patented totalAMH SEPARATOR Solution.

Gentle on Materials. Easy on Staff.

Every element of our totalAMH System — from our from our UNLOADER to our smartBIN — were designed with staff usability and ergonomics in mind.

Reading, Writing, and RFID Tagging

When equipped with an OPTICAL SCANNING SYSTEM, your totalAMH System can write RFID tags for materials on-the-fly — revolutionizing how Libraries can convert their larger collections to RFID.
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It's so much more than sorting.

To simply check-in materials and sort them into a bin is pretty basic. To have a solution that truly automates your entire material handling process is something else altogether. A Tech Logic totalAMH Soltuion will completely re-imagine your circulation and returns process.


Our defining feature, the totalAMH SEPARATOR is designed into each and every totalAMH Solution. Small stacks of items are quickly and efficeintly separated by our totalAMH SEPARATOR -- not by your patrons and not by your staff.
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Imagine placing one item onto a sorter, and then do that same motion a million more times over the course of a year. That's not automation. With the simple press of a button, our totalAMH UNLOADER will automatically induct hundreds of items onto your totalAMH System.
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For inter-agency transit items, our totalAMH PRINT-APPLY can autoamtically apply a stick-back thermal printed slip to the exterior of the item during the sorting process.
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Moving items between multiple floors or over large distances can be tricky. Our totalAMH VERTICAL makes the process simpler by offering a true 90º vertical section.
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Not using RFID? Not a problem. Tech Logic's totalAMH OPTIAL SCANNING SYSTEM is designed to deliver the same user experience for staff and patrons in a barcode environment.
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Protect your totalAMH System and your materials from damage with a totalAMH FIRE-SUPPRESSION Solution. No fire-room required.
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It's almost like having another Staff Member

Our totalAMH Systems are designed to operate 24/7/365 with minimal staff involvement. What does that mean for your Library? For smaller sorters, that means staff members don't need to be assigned to babysitting the sorter - they can be positioned at patron-facing locations throughout your Library. For larger sorters, it means the work that used to be done by 10 people over the course of 8 hours can be accomplished by as little as one person in less time.
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Customized to Your Library

We design and custom build each individual totalAMH System to ensure it's optimal performance for your Library.

Ergonomically Designed

We've designed every aspect of our totalAMH System so that when staff interact with it, they should never have to bend, lift, or strain themselves.

Experts on Staff

24 years ago, Tech Logic created the first AMH system for LIbraries. Today, we are still the leading experts on automation and material handling logistics.

Partners In Development

Some of the greatest innovations Tech Logic has brought to the totalAMH System initially came to us as Partner Library requests.
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Everything In Its Right Place

From cardboard boxes and canvas tote-bags, from book-trucks to over-sized bins — we've seen Library matierlas sorted into almost every receptical imaginable. Our totalAMH System can adapt to work with your materials and your workflow.


Automatic leveling ensures your materials are always positioned at a gentle working height.
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With a heavy duty, spring loaded flooring system, the easyBIN brings items closer to you than ever before.
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Transiting items in totes has never been easier. Quickly maneuver multiple fully-loaded totes with ease.
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Other Sorting Options

Sorting into something a little more unique? Our totalAMH system is adaptable to whatever receptical you choose.
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The Right Size for Everyone

Whether your goal is to free-up staff members from the labors of sorting returned materials, or to streamline an entire central sorting and processing facility - Tech Logic totalAMH has the right sized solution for you.

Branch Sorter

Automation is not reserved for large locations. Some of our smaller Partner Libraries have seen the greatest return on investment from their totalAMH Systems.

Central Library Sorter

Designed to run 24/7/365 — totalAMH Systems Central Libraries can easily handle the high circulating counts from patron return points and transit items.

System-wide Processing Facility

Our totalAMH System can revolutionize your Library's Logistic and Delivery System — especially when paired with our UNLOADER and smartBIN Solutions.
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