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Salt Lake County Library Receives People First Award

July 11, 2023

In a changing world, libraries exemplify their community’s commitment to—first and foremost—benefit the people they serve. Tech Logic has witnessed the library's people-first value system on countless occasions as we’ve worked directly with libraries throughout the last 25+ years.

The People First mindset is also a central pillar of our work at Tech Logic. In everything that we do, we want to help libraries put people first. 

Through our People First Award, Tech Logic celebrates libraries who serve as particularly outstanding reflections of the People First vision. Throughout each year, Tech Logic will present People First Awards to libraries who have taken extraordinary action to benefit the people in their communities.

This past May, Tech Logic presented Salt Lake County Library with our People First Award in order to recognize the library's extraordinary developments and community benefits. Salt Lake County's new facilities embody a commitment shared by modern libraries around the world—a commitment to serve residents as relevant, people-first community centers.

Tech Logic’s President, Gary Kirk, presented the award in person at Salt Lake County Library’s Viridian Event Center in West Jordan. “Salt Lake County Library’s Director, Jim Cooper, had a vision and a dream for 1.2 million citizens of this county,” Gary said. “He dreamed of a world class library system that would positively impact the lives and the future of every citizen…it’s about the people of this county.”

“…The facilities, the technology, the access to knowledge and entertainment, the services, the outstanding staff—they all define what it means to be People First,” Gary said.

Gretchen Freeman, Principal Librarian and Strategist at Tech Logic, was one of the Tech Logic team members who also celebrated the award in person at the event center.

“Salt Lake County is a particularly exceptional example of a library that has listened to its constituents,” Gretchen said. “They have designed their new libraries specifically to fit the needs of the communities where they're located. That's been true through the nine libraries that have been constructed in recent years, with Jim's leadership.”

Jim Cooper, Director of Salt Lake County Library, received the award on behalf of all the library staff. “I want to thank Tech Logic—your entire team—for making this award possible for libraries throughout the country, including ours. It is a great honor to receive it.”

Jim told the story about how Salt Lake County Library has risen to become one of the highest-circulating libraries in North America—and how the People First vision is ultimately about more than circulation. “We were able to implement effective technology,” Jim said, “and then reallocate our precious staff resources to activities that the community really wants…we really do focus on our customers, on our patrons, and on the citizens of Salt Lake County.”

Make sure to check out the full reception video, above, to hear perspectives from Gretchen Freeman, Gary Kirk, and Jim Cooper about Salt Lake County Library’s achievement as a People First library.

Congratulations to Salt Lake County Library on receiving Tech Logic’s People First Award!

Gary Kirk (left) presents Tech Logic's People First Award to Jim Cooper (right).

Salt Lake County Library staff members and Tech Logic staff members gather at the Viridian Event Center in West Jordan, UT.

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