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Sarasota County Libraries (FL) achieves streamlined data through baseCAMP

March 3, 2022

Tech Logic’s new web-based portal—available free of charge for Tech Logic customers—empowers library leaders to manage Tech Logic solutions, optimize workflows, and gather insightful data. This web-based portal, called baseCAMP, unifies Tech Logic’s solutions and serves as the foundation for Tech Logic’s ever-expanding network of technologies across the library workflow.

Sarasota County Libraries (FL)

Sarasota has been an early adopter for baseCAMP, providing essential testing and insight on the ways in which baseCAMP works with the library’s extensive portfolio of Tech Logic products.

Serving a population of over 430,000 and circulating over 3,000,000 items annually, Sarasota knows the importance of efficient workflows and reliable data. When the opportunity came to get a jump on a streamlined interface for their RFID solutions, they took it—agreeing to serve as early adopters for baseCAMP.

Throughout implementation, Sarasota provided Tech Logic with great insights regarding baseCAMP—and Sarasota’s team was the first customer group to experience the benefits of the new web-based portal.

Self-Check Insights and Data Cleanup

“We can identify self-checks that are of lower use really easily,” said Andrea Taylor, Technology Coordinator at Sarasota, “and we can give our managers a quick glance at the usage, because they also have access to the baseCAMP dashboard. We always could get those statistics through the ILS, but the managers didn’t really see it, and they couldn’t easily test how changing library circumstances affected self-service usage stats. That can now be easily done through baseCAMP.”

For Angie Hunek, ILS System Administrator at Sarasota, the most memorable win has been that baseCAMP serves as a source of truth for multiple data sources—even data sources from third parties.

“We started comparing baseCAMP to our ILS,” said Angie, “and we found that a couple of self-checks that we had moved from one library to another were still reporting in the ILS as the previous library’s self-checks. This means that the ILS was not crediting the correct library for those self-check statistics.”

“Then,” Angie continued, “we found that two machines were reporting through the same port, and so their stats were combined in the ILS…to correct this, we were trying to find which asset tag was using which port. But the ILS doesn’t use asset tags.”

When Tech Logic showed Angie and the team that baseCAMP provides each unit’s port number, it was a win. “That was so easy,” Angie remembered.

To more efficiently access and verify data for Sarasota’s self-service operation moving forward, the team at Sarasota created a technology floorplan that makes each terminal’s port number, library location, and other information easy to access and verify.

“baseCAMP showed us the quickest way to find all of that and to put it all together,” said Angie. “And that was just an awesome thing.”

Efficient access to this verified information helps Sarasota enhance their infrastructure in other areas, too.

“We’re doing some really major database cleanup on our end,” Angie said. “It’s something that we’ve always wanted to do and something we have worked on in the past, but it was never really completed because we weren’t sure which asset tags were attached to what. And baseCAMP corrected that for us. It was huge. I can’t explain how good this is for us.”

Just the beginning for baseCAMP

Ongoing collaboration with our customers—like the team at Sarasota—will be essential as Tech Logic continually brings new features and solutions into the baseCAMP portal.

“Tech Logic has always been great to work with,” Angie said. “I have never run into anyone who did not want to dig or research or find out how to solve an issue…Taking information from what we have experienced and making it a better [solution]—that’s Tech Logic. You have always helped us in that way. Much appreciated.”

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