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Team Member Spotlight: Tom Loy

January 23, 2023

"Tom saved the day," is a pretty common phrase here at Tech Logic—especially when a logistical issue needs solving on the library tradeshow floor. With over 35 years in the library industry, Tom brings a wealth of value to Tech Logic—both internally and externally. Since joining The Library Corporation (TLC) in 1988, Tom's experience includes serving as TLC's VP of Sales, where he directed the company's national sales activities. Prior to his work in sales, Tom also gained extensive experience in public access catalog development as TLC’s OPAC Manager.

As a Senior Solutions Specialist at TLC's subsidiary company, Tech Logic, Tom is dedicated to his customers. Through his background in the library industry, Tom is able to understand library needs and deliver the best solutions while considering the best value and cost savings.

To help us get to know Tom, we asked him a few questions:

Tom, could you tell us about your background in the library industry and how this equips you to partner with libraries on the East Coast?

Tom: I started work in the library industry in 1988 at The Library Corporation (TLC). Over the next 35+ years, my experience included just about everything imaginable...from production assistant, to customer service associate, to production manager, to product manager, to VP of sales, to my current position as Senior Solutions Specialist for TLC’s subsidiary, Tech Logic. All of these jobs have helped to build my knowledge and understanding of how libraries operate from the circulation desk, into the staff workroom, and on to the item sortation and branch delivery systems. Visiting thousands of libraries in 49 of the 50 states—and much of Canada—also helps to inform to my library experience.

What are the questions that you most often ask when you’re first getting to know a library and their workflow?

Tom: I like to start with the basics and then move to a more detailed—and perhaps nuanced—conversation about current needs, future expectations, and any changes such as building or renovations being planned. Questions about the number of items in the collection, the use of barcodes or RFID (or both) for checkout/in transactions, item security, library management software, and library consortia relationships are all important to understand. I also want to know about staff pain points as well as current self-checkout and item security solutions in place. This is really a comprehensive exploration that helps me offer suggestions and help plan the appropriate technology deployment.

How would you summarize your view on the unique ways in which libraries impact their communities? How do you think this will expand and/or adjust in the coming years?

Tom: I have always advocated for the idea of libraries as a place. Libraries should always strive to be a part of the local neighborhood, a welcoming place to all members of the community, and a place where people can meet, read, learn, engage, and grow. It is my hope that, as our world changes, we can all agree on the importance of the library as a hub of community activity—and, as a life-long lover of books, I will always see the library as a place where everyone can find new and interesting reads.

How would you summarize the most powerful ways in which Tech Logic solutions help your partner libraries on the East Coast?

Tom: Very simply put—technology should always free library staff to be more productive and allow them to be more accessible to their patrons.

Would you care to share any fun facts about yourself, inside or outside of work?

Tom: I have been married to Jan (sometimes I address her as “Lt. Jan” because we both love the movie Forest Gump) since 1986. We were both still in college at the time and had no idea what we were going to be doing in life. We have two daughters (both grown and on their own) and we have one grandchild. I have traveled extensively for the past 35 years, but I live 20 minutes from where I was born. I can’t imagine a better life.

In 1988, I interviewed for my first “library job” at TLC with Gary Kirk who was the General Manager at TLC, then, and is the President of Tech Logic, now. In those days, I was working as a custom furniture maker. I was enjoying using my creativity in that work, but my sister(who worked at TLC, then) suggested that I might find real enjoyment working in the library market for TLC. She was correct!

If you have any additional questions for Tom or you would like to connect, please feel free to reach out via email ( or via LinkedIn.

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