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TLCU Session Sneak Peak: RFID Shelf Management and Inventory

October 30, 2023

TLC's annual user conference, TLCU, is the biggest get-together of the year for TLC customers. Users can network with peers, learn about the software, and contribute to the future of the product. Tech Logic has been part of the TLC family since 2005, and we're excited to participate!

Are you a TLC library, or are you considering TLC solutions for the future? Make sure to get your tickets for TLCU 2023! You'll be so glad you did.

One of the TLCU 2023 sessions, called "RFID Shelf Management & Inventory," will feature Tech Logic's Principal Librarian/Strategist, Gretchen Freeman, and panelists from The Community Library in Ketchum Idaho as well as Rochester (NY) City School District.

Panelists will share about how RFID has transformed their inventory and shelf management workflow, drastically reducing time and repetitive motion involved with managing and inventorying their shelved items. We hope to see you there!

Sneak Peek: Rochester (NY) City School District Pioneers RFID in the School Library Setting

While thousands of public libraries have implemented RFID for efficiencies in circulation workflow, school libraries have been slower to adopt it due to conversion costs. However, Rochester City School District developed a successful case for moving to RFID and, in 2023, implemented RFID in their school libraries with Tech Logic.

Join us at the TLCU 2023 session: "RFID Shelf Management & Inventory" for the chance to ask Rochester City School District about their implementation of RFID.

“The primary goal for our RFID project was faster, less cumbersome inventories to meet the requirements for annual inventories in school libraries in New York state,” explained Dr. Colleen Sadowski, Executive Director Library & Media Services).

After RFID tagging was completed, the libraries were ready for streamlined inventory using staffCIRC TRAK, Tech Logic’s multi-function handheld RFID scanner. Tech Logic’s staffCIRC TRAK software supports four types of RFID shelf scanning:

- Gathering barcode numbers for inventory (and, with TLC’s ILS solutions, automatically relaying the barcode data to the inventory module)

- Checking individual item statuses against the ILS in real time and flagging exception statuses

- Locating specific lists of items

- Verifying active RFID tag security

Staff members used staffCIRC TRAK to gather barcode numbers quickly from shelved items, which automatically relayed the barcode data to the LS2 Inventory module in Library•Solution for Schools.

Tech Logic’s staffCIRC TRAK wand communicates wirelessly in real time with the library’s ILS.

In the past, gathering barcode numbers for inventory took Rochester’s staff several full workdays because they had to pull and scan each item barcode manually. Now, with RFID and staffCIRC TRAK, inventory scanning is done in a few hours. After a quick scan of the shelves with staffCIRC TRAK, LS2 Inventory updates in real time and produces a “Missing Item” report for the inventoried collection.

Before, inventories took several days as each item was pulled from the shelf and scanned manually with a barcode scanner(left). Now, with RFID and staffCIRC TRAK, inventories are done in a few hours with the sweep of staffCIRC TRAK wand across the shelved items (right).

Look for more on Rochester City School District's RFID story in the coming weeks—and make sure to join us at TLCU 2023 (get your tickets!) for a bunch of amazing sessions, including our session on RFID Shelf Management & Inventory.

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